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Otherwise known as "Super Smash Bros. Brawl", this is the third game in the series. It introduces Final Slaps, new Dudes, and is playable on the Nintendo We. Also, for the first time, third party characters such as Fast Blue Hedgehog and Snake are now playable.


Mario franchise charactersEdit

Mario (AKA Captain Lou Albano, Joseph Stalin, Malleo, Good Truthful Honest Giant Ninja Mario)

Weegee (AKA Mama Luigi)

Pretty Princess Perfect (AKA Princess Peach)

Gamera (AKA Bowser)

The second goomba in Super Mario Brothers

The twenty-third Koopa Troopa in Super Mario World

Not Mario charactersEdit

Godzooky (AKA Yoshi)

King Kong (AKA Donkey Kong Junior)

P Diddy Kong (AKA Puff Daddy Kong, Diddy Kong)

Evil Mario (AKA Wario)

Zelda charactersEdit

Peter Pan (AKA Link)

Pretty Princess Transvestite (AKA Zelda, Sheik, Tetra, Clark Kent, Superman)

Scottish evil dude (AKA Ganondorf)

Peter Pan, but as a Powerpuff Girl (AKA Toon Link)

Gwonam (Squadalah!)

The King (Mah boi!)

Metroid charactersEdit

Samus Aran (AKA Boba Fett with boobs, Master Chief with no penis)

Naked Samus Aran (AKA Zero Suit Samus)

nobody who isn't Samus

Kirby charactersEdit

Kirby (AKA Rosie O'Donnel)

Fat penguin that has been taken to much viva viagra (AKA King Dedede)

Batman (AKA Metaknight)

Pokemon charactersEdit

The cock-fighting rat (AKA Pikachu)

Satan (AKA Jigglypuff)

Not Mew-Two (AKA Lucario)

Not Ash Ketchum (and Ash Ketchum is not the Ash from Evil Dead) (AKA Pokemon Trainer) Pokemon he has: Godzilla (AKA Charizard), Raphael(AKA Squirtle), and Boring (AKA Ivysaur)

Fire Emblem charactersEdit

Barf (AKA Marth)

Ike Turner (AKA Ike)

F-Zero charactersEdit

Memetic Badass (AKA Captain Falcon)

nobody who isn't Memetic Badass

Earthbound...umm...Mother...I dunno charactersEdit

Elliot Ness (AKA Ness, the guy from the Untouchables)

George Lucas (AKA Lucas, the guy who made Star Wars, a clone)

Starfox charactersEdit

Connor MacLeod (AKA Fox)

Same dude, but as a bird (AKA Falco)

Same dude, but grey (AKA Wolf O' Donnel, no relation to with Kirby)

Other dudesEdit

Pit, the dead, floaty guy

Eskimos (AKA Ice Climbers)

Robert (AKA ROB, Unresponsive piece of crap that comes with Gyromite)

Mr. Game & Watch & TV & Swiss Army Knife & Toaster & PS3 & Phone & Companion Cube (AKA 2D guy)

Oliver (AKA Captain Olimar & Pikmin, pot smoker)


Fast Blue Hedgehog (AKA Sonic, Steve Urkel, THAT HEDGEHOG)

Snake (AKA Solid Snake, Sammy t3h Snake)

Ralph Nader

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